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Come and Meet with Artcool at 2024 HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair

duhui 2024-03-29

Are you looking for the perfect party supplier for your business? Then come and meet us at 2024 HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, and we will exhibit the latest party decorations which are both funny and practical.


HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts&Premium Fair


Details are as follows:

2024 the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair

Date: April 27-30th, 2024

Booth No: 1DC34 36 (DIY&CRAFTS)

                 1CON-080 (HAIR ACCESSORY)

                 1D-A40 (PARTY)

Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


1. Why Should We Participate in 2024 the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair?


 2024 the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair


Reach More Customers: We get to show off our party products to people all around the world, bringing in potential buyers from different places.

Meet Important People: At the fair, we can talk with lots of different people in the party products business, like buyers, sellers, and partners. This helps us make important connections that can lead to new opportunities.

Learn What's Hot: By being there, we can see what people like and what's popular in the party products market. This helps us stay ahead of the competition and make smart decisions about what to sell.

Show off Our Stuff: The fair is a great chance to display our newest party products to people who are interested in buying them. This makes our brand more recognizable and draws in potential customers.

Build Trust: Meeting face-to-face with customers helps build trust. It gives us a chance to prove our products are top-notch and build strong relationships with buyers.

Stand Out: Being part of the fair shows we're serious about our business and helps us look better than our competitors. It sets us apart as a trusted source for great party supplies.


2. What other exhibitions we usually attend?

Besides  Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, we also attend HongKong MEGA Show, Canton Fair and Japan/France Fair.



party products show


3. Advantages of Our Party Decorations

Our party decorations include paper decorations, paper tableware, paper gift packaging and balloons etc. These products have several advantages:


party decorations show


High-Quality Materials: Our party decoration products are crafted from premium paper and materials, ensuring durability and maintaining their shape and appearance over time.

Customizability: We offer customizable options for our party supplies, accommodating specific design, size, or color requirements to meet customers' unique needs.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Embracing eco-conscious practices, our products are made from biodegradable paper and natural fibers, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Ease of Use and Decoration: Designed for convenience, our party decoration items are easy to install, adjust, and remove, enabling customers to create various decorative effects effortlessly.

Versatility: Beyond party settings, our products are suitable for home decoration, business displays, and other celebrations, enhancing ambiance and charm across different occasions.

Innovative Design: We continuously innovate our designs, introducing new and distinctive party decoration products that cater to customers' preferences for personalized and fashionable items.

Safety Compliance: Our party supplies meet international safety standards, having undergone rigorous testing and certification, ensuring they can be used safely and confidently.


4. Besides party products, what else can we do?

We have served our customers for over 10 years as a leading innovative and reliable supplier. Our strengths are product design, global sourcing, manufacturing, customization and customer service. Besides partyware, our products include Stationery, Giftpacking,DIY Products&Puzzles and other printed-made products.


party products showroom


If you are interested in our products, then come and Join us at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to explore the latest trends. Our team is excited to showcase our innovative products and help you find the perfect supplies for your business.


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