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Christmas Cake Decorations Set With Cupcake Liners And Cake Toppers Forest Style Party Table Supplies

Christmas Cake Decorations
Christmas Cake Decorations

Christmas Cake Decorations Set With Cupcake Liners And Cake Toppers Forest Style Party Table Supplies

Item number:XMAS TY-0076

20pcs cupcake liners, a total of 2 styles,  single size : 50*30mm, 4c printing, 40g greaseproof paper

1pc polar bear label: 30*40mm, 300g c1s, 4c printing

1pc house label: 30*45mm, 300g white cardboard,4c printing

1pc Five-pointed star label: 30*30mm, wire tops around

1pc sign label: 30*10mm, 4c printing + foil +30mm long silver tassel

1pc plastic fake flower tag: with a 15mm blue bow

Packing:paper box with pet lid 

This Christmas fantasy forest style cake decorations set will take you to experience a winter dessert time full of mystery and romance. With Christmas and the cold season as the background, the inspiration comes from the fantasy forest, showing the unique charm of nature.

The color matching adopts classic theme colors such as green and white, combined with other colors to create a unique and warm visual effect.

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Pattern elements:

  1. Christmas tree: a symbol of festive atmosphere

  2. Snowflakes: implying cleanliness and purity

  3. Small animals: such as polar bears, adding liveliness and fun

  4. Fruits and plants: reflect the theme of the forest

  5. Christmas decoration: Christmas greetings and tassels create a strong Christmas atmosphere

Suitable for various occasions such as Christmas gatherings, family dinners, company parties, etc., it is also an exquisite gift for relatives and friends.

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