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Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011

Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011
Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011
Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011
Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011
Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011
Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011

Dream Unicorn Gift Bag KT011



Material:210G white card

Finish: 4-color printing + matte film + ironing colorful plain silver + a wing small accessory of magic color (fabric with sewing)

Ribbon handle

A 3D feather wing is attached to the front.

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The Dream Unicorn Paper Bag is a very beautiful, gorgeous gift wrap for every occasion.

This paper bag is made of 210g white card material, which can withstand heavy objects and is environmentally friendly at the same time. The size is 320 * 260 * 140mm, which is suitable for loading various medium-sized gifts. The front is a unicorn walking on the clouds. The overall design is very beautiful and fascinating. The unicorn wings are a fabric with car-sewn feather wings, which are very delicate; in addition to the unicorn, there are rainbow and cloud patterns, which make the whole design more dreamy and romantic. The back is the same as the front, and the overall design is very coordinated.

In addition, the top of the paper bag is made of sky blue ribbon handle, which is convenient to carry. And a flower deformation + hot colorful silver design is also added to make the whole paper bag more gorgeous.

All in all, the Dream Unicorn Paper Bag is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very practical, suitable for wrapping all kinds of medium-sized gifts. If you are looking for a gift wrapping that is both beautiful and practical, then this Dream Unicorn Paper Bag will be one of your best choices. It not only surprises and warms the recipient, but also adds more mystery and romance.

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