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Party Gift Wrapping Set With Pull Bows, Gift Tags And Packing Rope Creative Decorations For Gift Box

Party Gift Wrapping Set
Party Gift Wrapping Set

Party Gift Wrapping Set With Pull Bows, Gift Tags And Packing Rope Creative Decorations For Gift Box


2pcs butterfly clipes

Size: 35 * 75mm

Material: pu

10pcs tags

Size 55 * 95mm

Material: 250g white cowhide

1pc packing rope

Summer party gift decoration set is a must-have for summer parties and gift decoration. Its function is mainly to decorate gifts and party scenes and add summer atmosphere and fun.

There are three different styles to choose from in this decorative set, each of which includes two bows, ten tags, and a wrapping rope. Each set has unique designs such as silver bows and blue tags, pink bows and colorful letter tags, gold bows and colorful balloon tags, all with summer fashion and vitality.

These summer party gift decor sets can not only add class and charm to the gift, but also be used to decorate the party scene and create a more warm and joyful atmosphere for the party. Whether it's giving gifts or dressing up with party scenes, these decor sets can bring fun, add a sense of style and sophistication.

In conclusion, the Summer Party Gift Decoration Set is a stylish and practical summer decoration that can make your summer parties and gifts more beautiful and interesting with its various combinations and unique designs.

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Summer Party Gift Decoration Sets add more fun and surprises to your summer holidays. We offer three different styles:


The first is two silver PU bows, ten blue tags and a silver packaging rope. Whether it is for gift giving or decorative purposes, the silver bows and blue tags are very elegant and noble, which is a good choice.


The second is two pink PU bows, ten blue as the base color, with colored letters POOL printed on the tag, and a white packaging rope, which combines the elements of youth and highlights the lively and fresh atmosphere.


The third is two golden PU bows, ten blue as the base color, the tag of the colored balloon printed on it and a silver packaging rope. The bright golden and colorful balloon images echo each other, which is more pleasant and joyful.


Each set consists of opp bags and back cards for easy portability and storage.


These summer party gift decor sets are perfect for adding to gifts or decorating party scenes. They can add more joy and color to your gifts and summer events, while also being a unique way to decorate with personality. Come and choose a style you like to make your summer more exciting and memorable.

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Size: 120 * 170 * 70mm

Material: 1200g gray plate mounted 128g coated paper

Finish: 4c

The function of the summer party series gift box is mainly to be used as gift packaging, which can be used to load various gifts, such as chocolates, trinkets, cosmetics, stationery, etc. Compared with ordinary packaging boxes, it pays more attention to design and fashion. It is made of 1200g gray board mounted 128g coated paper, and the structure is more durable. The gift box also provides two designs, the first is a blue bottom box, an orange plaid lid, a window patch on the lid, and silver five-pointed star sequins inside; the second is a light blue bottom box, The lid is printed with double-ball ice cream, the lid is windowed with a patch, there are "HELLO SUMMER" letters inside, and pink five-pointed star sequins, both of which are full of summer atmosphere and vitality.

In addition, the summer party series gift box can not only increase the beauty and texture of the gift, but also an expression of love and heart. In summer, many people will hold birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding celebrations and other activities. Sending a well-packaged gift box at this time can better convey blessings and gratitude, making people feel warmer and happier. Therefore, the summer party series gift box is a practical, exquisite and interesting summer gift packaging box, which I believe will add a lot of fashion charm and heart to your gifts.

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